12 Days of Christmas Countdown – DAY EIGHT

– Invitation to Notice the Christmas Lights –

Ahh - what beautiful Christmas lights!

I am a huge fan of twinkle lights.  Just ask my husband.  Phil loves Christmas as much as anyone, but I think my Christmas enthusiasm can still overwhelm him at times.  Each year our home becomes a Christmas-palooza of twinkle lights.  These tiny sparkles of light make me feel warm all over and never fail to get me in the Christmas spirit.

Today, however, I was thinking not about twinkle lights, but about traffic lights – which can look a bit like Christmas lights if you squint when you look at them.  I was reflecting on what each color represents:   Red means stop.  Green means go.  Yellow means go faster.  (Oops, that should say, “Yellow means slow down.”)

These lights also show up regularly in my journey with God.  Sometimes on the journey I come to a red light, and God indicates that He wants me to stop.  To notice something.  To listen for His still, small voice.  To take a Sabbath with Him.

Other times I come to a green light, and God indicates He wants me to step on the gas.  To get moving.  To follow Him to a new place.  Or to simply keep going forward.

But then there’s that pesky yellow light.  On my journey with God, this one has caused me the most trouble.  Yellow has usually indicated that a change is on the horizon.  That I need to prepare.  That I need to wait carefully on God so I can follow His next signal.  Waiting is not a strong suit of mine.  I like to keep buzzing down the road at full speed with the wind in my hair.  And not only is waiting a challenge, but change can be a problem, too.  Although it can be a good thing, I don’t often enjoy change when I’m not the one choosing the change.

So basically, yellow lights are often a real challenge for me.  But once again, God has me in a yellow light season of life.  Phil and I are seeking direction for our future and finances, and so far God hasn’t revealed anything specific.  The only thing I’ve been sensing is that I need to slow down, tune carefully into God’s signals, and wait on Him.

But then again, that’s truly the purpose and theme of the Advent season.  Waiting.  Preparing for change.  Advent is traditionally the four weeks leading up to Christmas, reminding us to slow down and prepare our hearts.  To make room in our lives for Christ to be born in us.  To prepare for the changes that Jesus always brings when we let Him in.

The Israelites were in a yellow light season for hundreds of years, waiting for the promised Messiah to be born and save their people.  Mary was in a yellow light season for nine months, waiting for the Savior to grow within her and be born.  I guess it’s appropriate this Advent that God has me in a yellow light season of life, too.

Even though waiting is uncomfortable, it is one of the most powerful tools God has for getting my attention and shaping my character.  So today I’m asking God to help me embrace His yellow light in my life and to get everything out of this season that I can.  And whenever you notice a yellow traffic light during the remainder of this Advent season, let it be a reminder to you also to slow down, wait on God, and prepare Him room.

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