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12 Days of Christmas Countdown – DAY EIGHT

– Invitation to Notice the Christmas Lights – I am a huge fan of twinkle lights.  Just ask my husband.  Phil loves Christmas as much as anyone, but I think my Christmas enthusiasm can still overwhelm him at times.  Each year our home becomes a Christmas-palooza of twinkle lights.  These tiny sparkles of light make […]

12 Days of Christmas Countdown – DAY NINE

I Corinthians 13 – A Christmas Version Today’s post is a bit different.  I came across the following version of the “Love Chapter” in the Bible a few years ago (source unknown), and have always wanted a place to share it.  So today, if you’re feeling distracted or harried, consider this my gift (and God’s gift) to […]

12 Days of Christmas Countdown – DAY TEN

– Invitation to Weight on God – This past year God has been freeing me from my addiction to food – and by His grace I’ve lost 85 pounds.  (Praise God!)  Today I feel more free than ever in regard to food.  And as I head toward Christmas weighing less, God is inviting me to […]

12 Days of Christmas Countdown – DAY ELEVEN

 – Invitation to A Love Story in Disguise –   What does a guy in a panda suit have to do with Christmas?  Quite a lot, actually.  This past week there was an article in the news about a researcher in China who dressed up like a panda in order to give a 4-month-old panda cub his […]

12 Days of Christmas Countdown – DAY TWELVE

– Invitation to Take a Leap of Faith – I’m taking an Advent leap of faith.  I’m attempting to do a “Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown” here on my blog to help you – and me – stay open to God’s leading during these important days leading up to Christmas.  I’ve wrestled with God about […]

Invitation to Exchange Addictions

Here’s a brief “addiction survey.”  If you want to know what you’re addicted to, take a moment and consider the following questions: What thoughts tend to occupy your mind most of the time?  When you aren’t focused on solving a problem, working on a project, or actively engaging in some kind of activity, where do […]

Invitation to Watch for Miracles

Have you ever seen God do a miracle?  Something that could not be explained in any other way except that God directly intervened to make it happen? I have. In fact, I’ve seen God work in so many ways over the years that I’ve lost count of how many times He has directly intervened in […]

Lent 8 – Invitation to Come Home

Drops of sweat blurred his vision, but he didn’t slow his pace.  He didn’t even notice when people pointed and stared as he passed by – he was simply too busy rehearsing his speech.  This was his last option, the only way out of the pit he had dug for himself.  It felt like a […]

Lent Part 7 – Invitation to Waste Time

True confession – I’m not very good at wasting time. I know what you’re thinking: how shameful!  But before you judge me, let me just say that I’m better at it than I used to be.  That’s because I’m in a recovery program and it’s beginning to take effect. Some of the activities in this […]

Lent Part 6 – Invitation to Use the “S” Word (Sacrifice)

I once used the “S” word with my son, and he recoiled as though I’d slapped him across the face.  The “S” word has definitely fallen into disrepute in recent years, and my son’s reaction reflected that.  The word I’m talking about is sacrifice, and it’s almost become a swear word in our culture. With […]

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