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A Simple Tip for Expanding Your Small Group Ministry

I’ve learned from personal experience that a thriving small group ministry is possible in any size church. Before launching Faith Alive 365, I was the Small Groups Pastor at Bayside Church of Granite Bay, CA. We ran hundreds of groups with thousands of participants. I’ve also worked with churches with attendance in the low hundreds and even under 100 to develop thriving small group ministries. Now, I’m eager to share with you the lessons I’ve learned. In this article and ones to come, you’ll find all kinds of tips for building a great small group ministry at your church. {…click on title to read more…}

What Makes a Great Small Group Leader?

Surprisingly, the answer is not knowledge, special skills, personality, or even super sainthood (whatever that is). In my experience, the biggest obstacle to people becoming great small group leaders is willingness. Think about this biblically for a moment. The disciples, with one notable exception, all became great leaders. But what were their qualifications? None of them were Bible scholars, none were seen as spiritual leaders, and their personalities were all over the map. They seemed to have only two characteristics in common, a faith in God and a willingness to step up when Jesus said, “Follow me.” {…click on title to read more…}

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