Beatitudes: Being the Followers Jesus Longs For




In this 8-session Bible study, your group will be exploring both the Old and New Testaments to discover the full, rich meaning of the Beatitudes.

Often overlooked in the study of the Beatitudes is that Jesus is teaching His disciples, not the croed. In fact, Jesus is using the Beatitudes to lay the foundation for what it means to be His disciples. He is teaching us aboth the kind of follower He longs for.

The picture of discipleship Jesus paints in the Beatitudes is not always attractive (for instance, “Blessed are those who mourn”) and it’s not always appealing, especially if you’re a guy (you never hear meekness mentioned next to manliness). Bur maybe we don’t understand what Jesus is really saying.

As you study, you will discover the kind of follower Jesus longs for. And as you dig into each of the blessings Jesus promises, you’ll discover the reasons why Jesus longs for this kind of disciple. But knowing what kind of follower Jesus longs for will have little value if you don’t know how to become that kind of disciple. That is why each of these studies has a strong Application Section that will help your group take the steps necessary to grow as disciples and experience the blessings promised by Jesus.

Bonus materials include:

  • Leader Guides for each session that offer suggested answers for each question as well as other leadership tips that make this study easy for you to lead.
  • Daily devotions that will help your group strengthen (or start) their daily quiet time habit as they study scriptures that will further their understanding and application of each beatitude.

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