Jonah: Lessons from a Great God and a Reluctant Follower




Jonah is a book of the Bible that everyone thinks they know, but few people really study.

Jonah was God’s handpicked messenger who had faithfully served God…until now. We all know about what happened with the whale, but do we know the lessons God really wants to teach us through this short book of the Bible? Jonah was a reluctant follower of God. Sometimes we are reluctant to follow God’s instructions as well. So, while we may not be able to relate to being swallowed by a whale, there is much from Jonah’s experience that can help us learn and grow.

Through this study Jonah: Lessons from a Great God and a Reluctant Follower (Like Me), you will learn more about the character of God, about how God works with reluctant followers, and about the unbelievable things god can accomplish when you choose, even reluctantly, to follow His direction. Oh, and it might also save you from the mess of being swallowed by a whale. Your group will be blessed and hopefully changed by this study of God’s word.

Features of Jonah:

  • 4 sessions
  • Practical applications that make the lessons come alive
  • Daily devotions for digging in and getting the most out of God’ word
  • Learn and practice personal Bible study skills
  • Leader’s Guide with suggested answers so you can lead with confidence
  • Available to download immediately
  • Permission to make as many copies as needed for one group

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