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When Jesus made his “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John, He was not only declaring that he was God, He was declaring that He is ALWAYS present. If Jesus is present, then we can experience His presence. That’s the premise of this 50-day, all-church series The Seven I AMs of Jesus. During this powerful series, your congregation will discover how each of the seven “I Am” statements becomes a window that shows us how Jesus’ presence can fill our deepest needs.

Through the reinforcing elements of this series (sermons, daily devotions, and weekly small group Bible study) your church will experience the presence of Jesus in their own lives as He meets their deep needs for unconditional love, purpose and direction, fulfillment, and second chances.

Imagine the momentum that will be created as everyone in your church – from children to adults – study the same things together. Just getting your entire congregation practicing daily devotions will be powerful! And as they read the 43 testimonies in the The Seven I AMs of Jesus daily devotional book, they’ll realize that God can do the same things in their lives and the lives of their friends and families.

Here is the impact this series has already had on churches that have done this campaign.

“This series was an incredible Biblical adventure in the gospel of John. Over the 50 days we saw over 60 decisions for Christ and 25 baptisms! I highly recommend this powerful series to any church.” Chuck Wysong, Lead Pastor of Bayside West Community Church, Roseville, CA

“We had really amazing things happen during the series. People came to faith who we’d been working with for quite some time. Record numbers joined small groups. People LOVED the book. We had long time believers reenergized in their faith. We had our largest community service event ever. HUGE thanks to you for this excellent series.”  Randy Sherwood, Lead Pastor of Bayside Church of Plumas Lake, CA

The weekly themes of The Seven I AMs of Jesus are:

“I Am He” – John 4 – Felt Need: Unconditional Love
“I Am the Bread of Life” – John 6 – Felt Need: Fulfillment
“I Am the Light of the World” – John 8-9 – Felt Need: Direction
“I Am the Good Shepherd/Door” John 10 – Felt Need: Security
“I Am the Resurrection and the Life” John 11 – Felt Need: A Second Chance
“I Am the Way and the Truth and the Life” John 14 – Felt Need: Purpose
“I Am the True Vine” John 15 – Felt Need: Significance

In The Seven I Ams of Jesus Campaign Kit you’ll get:

  • The Seven I AMs of Jesus 50-day devotional book with 7 weekly Small Group Bible Studies
  • 8 weeks of sermons with two options for each week
  • Sermon outlines for the bulletin
  • Sermon Powerpoints
  • 7 reproducible Alternate Small Group Bible Studies (For men’s and women’s groups who may also be doing the study in a couple’s group)
  • Leader Guides for all the small group studies making these studies easy to use, even for new leaders
  • 7 weeks of Children’s Sunday School Lessons
  • The Seven I Ams of Jesus artwork for making your own promotional materials
  • Complete instructions on how to successfully plan and run the 50-day series
  • A $25 off coupon to use when you order The Seven I AMs of Jesus books.

Order your Campaign Kit below.

Be sure to order enough books for your whole church. Quantity discounts are available.

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