Small Group Studies

At Faith Alive 365 we love small groups!

We believe small groups provide an excellent environment for helping people develop inner strength for the outer life.  Why? Because in a small group people open up their lives while they open up their Bibles. When that happens God’s “living and active word” is unleashed in people’s lives!

Here’s what you can expect from our small group studies

Stimulating – Questions are designed to help people discover Scripture’s meaning and connect it to their own experience.
Life-Changing – Our studies have strong application sections.
Easy-to-Use – You don’t have to be a Bible scholar.  Leader’s Guides provide suggested answers to every question so you can always feel confident in leading a discussion.
Affordable – We don’t want to break your budget.  Buy a study at a low price and print copies for your entire group rather than spending extra money purchasing individual studies.

“I’ve led small groups for years. With these studies from Faith Alive 365 I’ve never had an easier time
getting people engaged in Bible study and sharing with each other.”

See our available studies

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